Cancellation Policy


48 Hr Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made prior to 48 hrs will receive a Gift Certificate for the amount already paid. (valid for 1 year from date of trip) Should you cancel within 24 hrs of your trip, you forfeit your deposit. It’s very important to make cancellations in a timely manor to ensure you receive a Gift Certificate for the amount you’ve already spent.


“NO SHOWS” if you aren’t at the launch point at the desired time, or just don’t show up, you forfeit your deposit and will be charged the remainder of the balance. Sometime’s we have short windows to get the trip in, so it’s imperative to be at the launch point on time.

INCLEMENT Weather Policy

I will be in contact with you if weather conditions deteriorate before your trip. I will have access to up to the minute weather radar and will continue to monitor it carefully. If bad weather (lightning, high waves, high winds, ect.) force us off the water I will attempt to reschedule you with priority in future days. If you can’t reschedule, your deposit will be held for 1 year. You’ll have 1 year to redeem your Gift Certificate. NO REFUNDS of any kind will be given, GIFT CERTIFICATES will be issued and valid for 1 year from the time of your original scheduled trip date.