Q: Do you provide my Florida Fishing License?

A: No, each guest must purchase their own Florida Fishing License. You can purchase in town at one of our local bait shops, or online by clicking the link provided. https://gooutdoorsflorida.com/

Q: How long have you been fishing?

A: Over 20 yrs. Now, I didn’t go every day, but I went every chance I got. I have been fishing this area for 2 years now. Brought up a fresh water fisherman, I use a lot of techniques from fresh water. However, a lot of these inshore species and migratory fish like baits way faster than any bass or crappie I’ve ever caught. So, there is a learning curve to inshore fishing, and I intend on sharing that with you.

Q: How long have you been a fishing guide?

A: Just started! However, I have guiding experience. I was a raft guide on the Ocoee River in Tn for over 5 yrs. I have a lot of miles on that river and some of the surrounding rivers. I’ve worked on a few charter boats since moving to Florida, mainly offshore fishing with those boats.

Q: What do I need to bring with me on the trip?

A: Bring Polarized sunglasses, a small cooler for your drinks and snacks. I will carry the ice cooler and have plenty of room for a few drinks in my kayak. Sunscreen, and apply it too!! Buff’s are a must, gloves to cover your hands from getting sun burnt, and hat that you feel comfortable wearing for 4 hrs. A rag is not necessary, but recommended, slimy fish equals slimy gear. A pair of sandals or shoes just in case we get out of our boats at any time. And lastly your Florida Fishing License, DON’T FORGET THAT!

Q: Do I have to tip?

A: The short and sweet of it is simple, if you enjoy your experience express that. I am running a service, and just like most guides, I work for tips! The standard gratuity is 15%-20%. If for some reason you can’t or forget, I don’t lose sleep over it. All I ask is just leave a review on the respected sites, such as Facebook.

Q: How old do I have to be to go on a trip?

A: To use Kayak Fishing Port St. Joe LLC you must be 14 yrs old or older. Anglers under 18 yrs old require parent or guardian to sign liability release wavier. Anglers 18 yrs and under will require at least 1 adult over 18 yrs old to accompany them for the duration of the trip. If the other adult IS NOT FISHING, the charge will be an extra $75.00 instead of the $125.00. Please let me know at the time of booking.

Q: What’s included in a 6 Hr and 8 Hr trip?

A: The same as a 4 Hr trip. The 8 Hr trip can be broke up into an early morning trip and late evening trip. The reason for this is so anglers have time to get some food, re hydrate, rest and not get burnt to a crisp. As I’ve stated before, all my trips are personalized to meet the guests needs. So, if you have an idea and want to try to make it a reality, contact me and let’s get the adventure started.

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Native Slayer 10

Pedal Drive Kayaks gives easy forward and reverse by simply pedaling in the desired direction. This type of kayak fishing allows the angler to be hands free from a paddle while trying to fish. More time spent fishing, thus increasing the chances of catching fish.