A Few Days of Fishin'

Well after being skunked in Palm Harbor and Clearwater on Spring Break, I finally got on some fish. It all started when me and my buddy TJ went fishing mid-week. We started fishing some structure. Top water was a bust, so we moved to slow sinking baits. We worked a few docks with little success. Then we rolled up on some small juvenile Tarpon. We both threw at them a few times and then backed off and changed up baits. TJ ended up getting a solid Trout on a D.O.A. Split Tail Shad with a weighted 1/8 oz worm hook. I skipped a big 6” paddle tail under a dock, gave it two quick rips and let it sink. Did that again, once more. After the third time I saw two black silhouettes jet out from under the dock. The first one turned away, as soon as he did that the second one lunged at my bait and BOOM. I was hooked up on my first Tarpon. My heart was racing, knees shaking, PURE ADRENALINE! After a few jumps and knocking my GoPro almost off my kayak, I finally get it in my kayak. A few flops later, it self released back into the water. BUMMER….. Even though it shook the hook in my kayak and I never got a picture with it. It’s a memory I’ll never forget.

On Friday my wife and I went out looking for some Red Fish. We had just the right amount of wind to drift about a qtr mile flat that varies in depth, with a lot of grass beds. Bait was around, not swarmed, but some good school’s. While drifting this long flat, every now and then I’d see a Red or a few Trout bolt out from grass beds and pass over the sandy bottom moving to another grass bed, or chasing bait. My wife ended up catching a small flounder about 10.5”. A good sign that they are moving again. After about an hour I was standing and looking for fish while drifting. I saw a blue tail and a slight silhouette. I tossed my ZMan Electric Chicken Paddle Tail a few feet in front of it. As soon is I made my first twitch, that Red wasted no time going after my bait. Hooked up! I didn’t measure it, but it was close to slot of not a little over.

Saturday I took my neighbor friend Jack out to Crooked Island. We only planned on being out there for a few hours, just to check some areas and see what was around. Jack didn’t have a Fishing License, so he was just there to try out the kayak and see what he was missing out on! Needless to say it turned into a Red Fish Frenzy. I managed to catch 7 in about an hour or just short of an hour. Heck I caught three in less than 7 minutes! Overall, it was a good week of fishing. Found a few new spots to fish, and got my first Tarpon!