Summer Fishing in the Bay

Summer fishing in the bay is like most fishing anywhere in the summer. Fish will be in the shallows early morning, move to deeper water as the sun rises, and finally moving back into shallow water as the sun sets. Obviously, this is all dependent of tides too. Once the water starts getting into the high 70’s you’ll start seeing more bait show up. Pin fish and LY’s are most plentiful during the summer months. Easily caught with a cast net, these bait fish are perfect for catching Red fish and big Trout. If using artificial, you try to mimic the bait as best as possible. Big paddle tails, or suspending twitch baits work well during the summer months and just about everything will eat it.

Start off early morning with a top water plug of choice and if possible have a live bait swimming behind the boat. It can be tricky, especially if both rods have fish on them. You’ll just have to figure that out on your own though! As the sun rises the fish go deeper. That’s when you should move to a suspending bait or something you can keep either on or near the bottom. The key is keeping the bait in the strike zone and working the bait to entice a strike. It has to look realistic before they’ll even look at it. Presentation is key! As sun sets the bait will take refuge in places they can easily hide in. Grass beds, docks, floating or submerged structure all sound like perfect spots to hide to me. About an hour before sunset, try to start throwing top water again. Usually you can forget about the live bait, unless fishing that exclusively. Target the areas mentioned above, more than likely there is something waiting to ambush prey. Hope this helps if you’re having trouble catching fish. Remember to check the tide and be proactive, move around if one spot doesn’t produce. You never know what could be waiting just around the next bend!