speckled trout

Spring Is In the Air

Good evening anglers! The bite is starting to pick up! The flats will soon be swarmed by bait and big predator fish waiting. Water temps are still in the mid to high 60’s. Every time I’ve been fishing, I’ve seen quite a few Red Fish and caught a few this week. Mainly trying to figure out if they’ll hit top water yet. Had two fish on top water Tuesday, both over slot Red Fish. They were sluggish hitting the plug, but they did go after it. I haven’t thrown a poppin’ cork yet because I like to use LIVE bait under them and haven’t seen any big school’s of bait fish yet. In time that will become the go to, nothing like a poppin’ cork and big ole LY underneath. That’s Trout and Red Fish CANDY!!

Pompano and Spanish haven’t really showed up yet. A few small school’s have made it into the bay and surrounding beaches. I feel like the magic water temp for those fish is a steady 70 degrees or above. I did hear from a local in town that he caught a Pompano off shore opening day of Trigger Fish in 120’ of water. Last year it was around the first week of April before they started running heavy on the beaches. Never know until we start catching them though.